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The Hooping Goddess
Descended on a staircase crafted by a shooting star
And gilded in the glitter from the chase,
Her bare feet sew the dust, like diamonds, scattered in the sands;
Her face shines in the darkness, Saturn's rings inside her hands;
So skilled with captivation, she ignites those brilliant bands,
And, delighted, drapes the cinch about her waist.
Instinctively, the dance begins, an orbit all its own;
A galaxy made miniature on Earth.
The graceful flits and flurries of a Faerie in her realm;
The swift and certain deftness of a Captain at her helm;
Our Lady holding court, a sight so sure to overwhelm;
And, captivated, we observe the birth.
What seems to be eternity elapses in a blink,
The rings grow weak and shed their brilliant light;
And then a weary smile joins the glimmer in her eye,
And with a modest curtsy, casts her gaze back to the sky,
To ascend upon a sunbeam at the seagulls' morning cry,
And, awestruck, we await another night.
:iconteiruina:teiruina 1 0
Encroaching Dystopia
As dawn's dead air hung high and broken
And twilight sang its last refrain,
The city felt so far behind me
Whilst I strode past its scorched remains.
The mount loomed perilously over
Everything that stood nearby;
Beyond it's breadth I dared not wonder,
Though watched, regardless, at the sky.
The distant sounds of war broke echoes
Unrivaled, over voiceless land.
Telling myself lies of valor,
I set about the task at hand.
I started up the steepened hillock
With hope and faith left far in tow.
The clouds were pale and lifeless,
As they mirrored earth below.
Climbing I, despite my body,
Came half the way, and twice my fill.
And as I rested on my haunches,
A ghastly trio crested the hill.
A figure stood atop the peak
The Master, steely bone.
Its visage bore no similie
To anything I'd known.
To either side, a mongrel
As tall as one hundred men;
But their master, who had chained them,
Was nearly twice as tall again.
The two beasts hummed in unison,
'til the Master pulled their leash.
They sil
:iconteiruina:teiruina 2 2
The Sounds of Evening
When the screams of the damned
And the tears without name
And the laughter of madmen
Are one and the same
When doctors speak in coaxing whispers
And footsteps speak in leaden tones
And inmates speak in wild ravings
As I speak to myself alone
When the clock is ticking loudly
And my heart is beating true
To the sounds of Chelsea breathing
Then another day is through
:iconteiruina:teiruina 1 1
Quarter to Eternity
Twenty bullets for this gun.
I load the clip, but you don't run.
One is chambered as I cock;
I flick off the safety lock.
Still you haven't moved an inch,
And I see your eyelid flinch.
As I level at your nose,
I can hear you curl your toes.
I sneer a perfect sneer, and then
I flick the safety on again;
Crick my neck and check my grip,
Raise my finger to my lip.
And with a grimace, I declare:
"The situation's just no fair.
For you see, I've done for you
All the things you've asked me to;
Sent so many to their grave.
'Sit and listen, bitch, behave'.
Yes, I've done it all, my friend,
Except the deed that brings my end.
And that is why I've brought you here;
Because, the thing that you most fear,
Why, I cannot have my fill!
I love the eyes of those I kill.
You see, at first, they open wide,
(The reflex shortly will subside)
And then a look of haunted calm,
When first they taste Gilead's balm.
This world is all adverse effects;
I wish to journey to the Next.
Indeed, that's all I'm
:iconteiruina:teiruina 1 5
Hampton's Dawn 2 by teiruina Hampton's Dawn 2 :iconteiruina:teiruina 1 3 Hampton's Dawn 1 by teiruina Hampton's Dawn 1 :iconteiruina:teiruina 2 5
Life in my Final Resting Place
What a difference time creates
Six months pass and love abates
Finance turns a heavy chore
Transportation is no more
Due life and death, my friends are gone
So few are left to lean upon
They fight their causes far and wide
While I wage my own war inside
As stars sing silent lullabies
From vigils far above the skies
Madness renews Her reign once more
My Kind has played Her host before
Defying sleep, I curse the night
To sleep at dawn's first inky light
Instinct dictates that I should flee
After the long eve's misery
When lives I dreamed where mine are gone
And leave me forced to carry on
Mirth and hope have left no trace:
Life in my final resting place.
:iconteiruina:teiruina 0 0
True Player's Bling by teiruina True Player's Bling :iconteiruina:teiruina 2 11
Ocean of the Mind
My ceiling shares my mournful gaze
The broken record skips
My sighs bring songs of better days
As breath escapes my lips
My pillow hides my anguished tears
The record skips anew
The same damn place, a different year
The stress is wearing through
A raging storm wells up in me
The record skips once more
The tempest sweeps my soul to sea
And washes me ashore
:iconteiruina:teiruina 0 4
Vicious Cycle
let the wounds ease your pain,
let the tears close your wounds,
let the silence dry your tears,
let your screams break the silence.
let a smile hide the screams,
let your fears break all the smiles,
let the fears succumb to peace,
let tranquility die to violence
let more wounds ease the pain.
let the cycle start again.
:iconteiruina:teiruina 0 3
Along the way by teiruina Along the way :iconteiruina:teiruina 2 9 DevID 2.0 by teiruina DevID 2.0 :iconteiruina:teiruina 0 0 I uh... Okay. by teiruina I uh... Okay. :iconteiruina:teiruina 68 44 Steady Vigil by teiruina Steady Vigil :iconteiruina:teiruina 0 3 A Bridge Too Far by teiruina A Bridge Too Far :iconteiruina:teiruina 0 3 The Eyes of the City by teiruina The Eyes of the City :iconteiruina:teiruina 1 5




United States
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Hey I'm abandoning Teiruina.. well, not really, I'll still be posting gen. lit here. My photography DA is now going to be .

See ya'll there, I hope. SPECIALLY YOU STEPHANIE.
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